Files Stibbe Lawyers is a legal firm based on Bribie Island. They’re the most trusted, well-regarded lawyers in the area, underscored by their many awards.

Their website, however, was another story. With a dated interface that wasn’t mobile or tablet responsive and having not been touched in 10 years, it was in need of a major overhaul.


The goal of the new site was to make it as easy to navigate as possible, which the old one failed to do.

Each page features a call-to-action at the bottom that changes according to what the user is most likely to want to do next.


With emphasis placed on making the site easy to navigate, the home page provides clear direction to all the most frequently used sections of the site so users aren’t left wondering where to go next.


The website re-design included custom photography of Files Stibbe’s office and its beautiful surrounds.



Bounce rate


Increase in page views in the first month


Increase in page views per visit